Questionable attraction to blood…

Inspired by Straybud‘s reading of Fast Food Nation, I am currently looking at pics of America’s slaughterhouses… the general consensus is that their animal-slaying processes are entirely inhumane.  Given that I do not have to have meat to survive, I am quite compelled by vegetarian arguments of compassion… but not enough to really commit to vegetarianism… visions of steak, prime rib, chicken wings and so on and so forth dance in my head… *sigh*… is meat so tasty that i can’t give it up?! 

Unfortunately, that question is met by a resounding YES.

For now.

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  1. in order to further spur on my vegetarianism, i might also pick up: “Slaughterhouse” which is more details about the conditions and cruelty that goes on in the industry.


  2. hey girl, you’ve gotta live your life:)  vegetariansim isn’t something someone can convert you into. it’s conscious decision someone has to want to make.  i say eat meat if u like.


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