Life is toasty.

Taking 2 courses assigns me to only 4 hours of class a week.  My days consist of sleeping in, reading, cleaning my room (a continuous process it seems), and… toasting… It’s quite nice.  I shall indulge myself for now because I know it won’t last long.  ME-TIME-GALORE!!!

Reading Life of Pi right now… i heard from my cuz and dohboy that it was really really good, and then i heard from moocow that it’s not.  Guess i have to see for myself…

What an uninteresting blog.

2 thoughts on “

  1. well, my coworkers are giving feedback that there’s parts of it that didn’t really make sense, i.e. parts were added for no reason whatsoever, and the ending left them kinda “uh .. ok .. so what does this mean?”
    toasting = getting blunted? getting drunk? hmm..


  2. i must somewhat agree with the above comment, b/c it left me thinking “ummm.. ok… now what does this all mean”. is there really more than meets the eye? i chose to think that there is, and i think the book deserves deeper look. I still thought it was a good and interesting read even without looker too deeply into it.


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