Do you think you could ever love someone enough to let them go?

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  1. if you love someone so much, why would you let them go? Some people might think that the best thing for both people is to let them go, but is it really? What if you stuck with it and tried to make it work any way that you could b/c you love them so much. Yes it’ll be hard, and yes there will be a lot of sacrifices, but isn’t it all worth it? Some people can’t think this is too idealistic or unrealistic, but that’s not me… but maybe i’m being stupid like that. BUT then again, maybe some things are just not meant to be, and so you have to let go before it really kills you.


  2. nice to see you again…=) too bad distrik was too packed…ewww…marcel and the boyz say hi…and they are mad cuz they didn’t get to see you lately…hopefully they will be able to see you soon…about love…i think it boils down to this…it’s about if that other person is still in love with you or not…if that other person is still in love with you…then you should NOT let them go…even if you think it’s best for them…because it’s up to them to decide to let go or not…but if the other person is not in love with you anymore…and you are the ONLY ONE that is IN love…then you should let go…because it is better for the both of you…but that doesn’t mean you have to stop loving them…it just means that you gotta ease up on it…because if that person ever does realize what they lost…they will come back…and then it’s for you to decide what to do with it…you can still love another but not “be” with them…you can even be in their life and not “be” with them…i personally think that is harder than letting go…and that it is loving more than it is possible for most people to do…but that’s the amazing thing about love…it can bind you without there being any societical manisfestations of it…


  3. sometimes even if it is the last thing you want but realize that it could be the best thing for that other person you must let them go.
    Love is strong, but it can not be selfish, cannot want for itself and must be giving. if they must go keeping them won’t be loving them, sometimes it takes trusting that if God planned it for you to be together then it will happen even if at the moment you must be parted.
    Life gives its many twists, don’t look to the past but always look to the future. maybe something better will be in store. If you get stuck in the past then you may miss that thing that comes along.
    just thought i’d drop my 2cents


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