Just got back from the cabin trip… it was soooo beautiful up there.  Went up a night earlier b/c i totally did not want to wake up at 6am friday morning.  When we got there it was 4 in the morning and freezing cold.  We tried to get the wooden stove started, but to no avail.  Watched There’s Something About Mary (at least the first 20 minutes of it) then went to bed at 7 something…

Woke up the next day to an open blue sky with a view that overlooks onto the river right below… it was gorgeous… too bad NO ONE BROUGHT A CAMERA.  damnit.  My biggest regret on the trip.  Chilled mostly that day… went to the store to buy more juice and munchies… toasted in front of the tv, hiked, ate, ate, drank, and ate some more.

Two more friends came up that night at like, 4 in the morning while we just began catching our zzz’s… chilled more the next day, snowball fight, toast, … damn the night sky there is breathtaking… i felt like i was in the Planetarium… stars left right and center… hahaha…

No complaints.  Had an amazing time… too bad their phone SUCKED and although i could *get* phone calls, the other person could barely hear me so it kinda defeated the purpose. 

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  1. sorry i forgot to bring my camera. my bad for your biggest regret on the trip. 😦  good call on leaving a nite early. 🙂  doesn’t it feel kinda weird and sad to be back in the big city?


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