Pet Peeve:

When I bring up an issue and the other person says, “whatever, it’s ok.”  or “don’t worry about it.”  or “forget about it.”  did I say it’s ok?!  did I say we should just forget about it?!  since when did conversations become so one-sided that all that mattered was for one person to say, “psh.  it’s ok.”  It’s amazing how many people do this.   I bet i’m one of them.

You know what else is annoying?  When people accuse you of things and when you explain they don’t listen.  They say shit like, “yeahyeahyeah… whatever you say.”  or “haha… you don’t have to try and weasel your way out.  it’s ok!”  Omg.  That is sooooo unbelievably frustrating.  I wonder why though.  I think i’m trying to take the “i don’t give a shit what you believe as long as i know what’s true” tactic, but i still question why it would bothers me in the first place.  Is it because the person is indirectly invalidating your existence by brushing off what you say?  Or is it because they’re dismissing as true a part of you that you’re trying to share with them?  Maybe it’s the fact that not only can they not give you the benefit of doubt, but they can’t even try to believe you when you explain.  It’s like, they like to assume the worst.  Isn’t that nice.

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  1. it’s okay. hahahaha. i think this is said to avoid confrontation. get out of a fight you don’t want to get in to. not to say that it’s justified, but sometimes it just needs to be dropped before something even more stupid comes out.


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