Just read Straybud‘s xanga and even reading her list of activities made me tired.  I fully agree with her – I am all for chilling this Christmas.  First step – cleaning my room and simplifying it – all this clutter just adds to my already-big pile of stress.  Unnecessary.  Actually, first step should be to listen to the reallyreally amazing CD sisbum got me – Oasis Escape by H2O.  It has my favorite Canon in D on it by Pachebel.  This version has inspired me to make the decision – I am going to be married on a beach.  Not just any crummy old beach.  It has to be an isolated beach with cliffs on both sides, a small band to play this song live, close friends and fam… i wonder how feasible that is… (i seem to be so caught up in my vision that i’ve forgotten about the groom! )  Seriously though, doesn’t it sound beautiful?!


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