Is feeling something the same as thinking it?

I think that the answer is no.  Some people think it is.  My view: it is perfectly consistent to say that you feel a certain way but KNOW that it is not true.  For example, someone can feel overweight while rationally knowing that they aren’t.  I don’t see the inconsistency.  I can feel that God isn’t there when i know He is.  Just because you know it doesn’t mean you feel it.  Just because you don’t feel it doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Having said that, feelings are something, I believe, that generally “happen” to us… we feel them passively, unless you’re one of those super-EQ people who are able to control how you feel.  How you *think*, however, is different – we are creatures with the capacity to reason and rationalize what we know is true.  To say that you feel something is one thing.  To state the reason you feel that way as a fact is another.  It’s tantamount to saying, “I don’t feel that God is there, therefore He must not be.  And I know this because that is how I feel.”  No.  It doesn’t work that way.  You feel things – that is the emotional aspect of you and has little to do with rhyme or reason.  We cannot pool it with the rational.  (Excuse all the theological examples.) 

So, to sum it up, just because we feel something does not mean that we are valid.  I think it would be most prudent in such situations to seek answers for why we feel the way we do.  Only in finding out the actual cause can we address the problem.  With this influx of new information though, we may be required to change our views… and not stick to them like a child to candy.

I wonder if i’ve made any sense at all…. it all seems very abstract…

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  1. I feel ya.  And….I know what yer sayin!  Just wanted to add tho, that “thoughts” just happen to us as well!  All of a sudden, “poof” I’m thinking about…squirrels.  And even if you try, bet chew can’t stop thinkin about squirrels right now as we speak! 


  2. i can understand where you’re coming from, but i still think that feeling something and thinking something is at least somewhat connected. On the same point, I also think that “thinking” something and “knowing” something are different things. So while you may know something to be true, you may still think something differently about it. eg. God exists, but sometimes I don’t think He does, even though I know it otherwise. So likewise, someone can FEEL overweight while rationally KNOWing that he/she isn’t, but he/she can still THINK that he/she is. I don’t know if that makes any sense either. I could be totally far off on this one. But I guess what it really all comes down to is how one perceives the terms and this subject subjectively. This comment was way too long. sorry. 😛  You know that i just like to argue sometimes for the hell of it, even if i don’t totally believe in what i’m saying or even if i agree with the point i’m arguing against.  DEVIL’S ADVOCATE 😉


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