Wise use of time?

Test today and already my 2nd xanga entry.  What’s going on?

Almost the end of the year… many people seem to be doing their yearly reflections.  (k, i’ll give myself til 9:15 then go hardcore studying) 

so much for my yearly reflections.  my brain seems to be stuck. 

hey! it’s snowing outside again!  can’t wait til all the Christmas lights come up.  woooo!!! 

It’s funny how small things can cause you to question things quite disproportionately.  or not so disproportionately.  (“what is she trying to say???”)

I think the lack of sleep is getting to me… no more weird rambly blobs… oops… blogs… for today. 

AWAY WITH THE BLOBS I TELL YOU!  hahaha… omg send me to the mental asylum… quick! before it’s too late! 

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