Insecurity is a crummy thing…

I wonder if, for the most part, girls tend to be insecure or if it’s just me.  Time and time again I wish that I weren’t, but it’s not one of those things that a conscious endeavor can change.  Sometimes people say things that they think just in that moment; sometimes they say things that they really mean.  I have difficulty differentiating between the two.  This is especially true if it’s something bad.  It kinda just sticks in my mind and eats away at me….

*think happy thoughts*

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  1. thanks soo much sweetie..=) *HUGZ* i know how you feel…i think it’s not so much a girl thing…i think it only happens when you really really care about someone…cuz then what they say/think/feel becomes so important to you…that you start to question everything…but you know what…one day there will be someone how feels like that around you…and you will feel like that around him…it will be even steven….=P so don’t ever change how sweet you are…=)


  2. * think happy thoughts kiddo.  you’re much more pretty when you smile.  not that you’re ugly when you’re not smiling.  but when you smile so do i.  not that i want you to smile because i want to smile.  i don’t know where this is going. 


  3. i think most people are insecure about one thing or another about themselves. the important thing is to just know yourself, in all your strengths and weaknesses, and either change it or be happy about it. “think unsexy thoughts, think unsexy thoughts.” -Homer J. Simpson.
    anyway you have nothing to be insecure about so not to worry!  🙂


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