Been hearing and seeing a lot about Michael Jackson these days… Charged again with child molestation, I see him as being completely innocent.  He is one of the rare people who actually exude love as they speak, untainted by the corruption of society.  He seems to genuinely care about children and because of this, is willing to place himself at risk by allowing them to stay over at Neverland.  Having been previously charged, one would expect him to realise that he is leaving himself extremely vulnerable by not changing his actions.  An idealist myself, I do not agree that people should change their actions to conform with what society believes.  True, teachers and other professionals all have codes of conduct to follow to protect themselves, but he was not acting as someone in one of these categories.  He was acting as an individual, free to invite anyone he pleases to his private residence, offering his warm hospitality and love to whomever would receive it.  I admire how he has the strength and enough faith in his dream to live the way he believes is right.  Given that there are so many broken families, it does not surprise me that many children look for comfort and solace away from home.  Should we condemn someone who is strong enough to give them what he can?  Inevitably, I think he will be convicted because society’s stance against him is too strong… People highly disagree with his actions.  Interestingly enough, most of the people I’ve spoken to think that he is innocent… So then what crime is he guilty of?  As children we were taught to follow our hearts.  Should this be only when doing so is in conformity with what society deems fit?  Society would remain a stagnant cesspool if this were the case.  K, that’s my rant for the day.   GO MJ GO!

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  1. i must say that was quite a statement. as an idealist myself, i must agree with you in your ideal. However, my realist side of me has to recognize that we do not live in an ideal world. I can’t say whether or not i believe MJ is innocent (as much as i want to believe that he is, and that media and society is unjustly singling him out… i mean, come on, if they’re going to treat him as a common criminal, then treat him that way! a 3 MILLION dollar bail is NOT common treatment.) I have a hunch that maybe he lives in his own world, where he doesn’t realize that it’s no longer acceptable to do certain things. Like being overly affectionate with children that aren’t your own can be contrued as molestation. AND maybe he did cross some borders that shouldn’t be crossed for the health of children. but this is all just speculation for now. Either way, as an icon i think that he has certain responsibilities. He must know that a lot of people look up to him. Hanging your child off of a highrise balcony is something i think is very questionable if you ask me. If you want to show off your baby, you can still do it out on the balcony without holding it out over it. But anyway i still love oldschool Jacksons and MJ afterwards! WOO HOO! sorry lyn i didn’t mean for this to be a post on it’s own. 😛 oops. good topic tho.


  2. MJ is a marketing machine!  For recording artists image and album sales are proportional.  It’s all about keeping your “image” in the press and he has certainly done an amazing job at that!  It’s all a marketing strategy.  As they say … bad press is good press … rather .. any press at all is good press.
    MJ is making millions off of his image more than the substance of his records these days.  He’s not being used by the media, it’s the other way around.  He’s using the media to boost his sales.  His PR manager has done wonders for his career.  All the rumours in the 1980s about his sleeping in an oxygen chamber and his obsession with buying the elephant man’s bones … all fabricated of course .. by his PR manager who sold the photos (with MJs permission) to the Inquirer.  Just think about how that increased his record sales for “Bad” and “Thriller.”
    The accusations regarding another count of child molestation … will of course be another cheque in the bank for MJ.  Even though his record sales for his new album “Number Ones” are decreasing in the US, his sales from Europe will more than compensate for his losses in his home country.
    I am undecided about his guild or innocence.  One thing is for certain … he is a capitalist genious!  And he’s the KING of generating sympathy the world over.


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