Just read my friend’s xanga.  Well if i wasn’t kinda crummy-feeling before i sure am now!  Listening to “I’ll find a way” by Blu Cantrell.  It’s such a beautiful song.

Thinking of all the friend’s I’ve lost touch with… it really sucks to grow apart from friends you were really close to… especially if you gave that friendship all that you feel you could’ve given.   It sucks even more when the other person feels that you didn’t even try.   damn i’m feeling moody… maybe it’s that time of the month. :p j/k.  k, enough of this drama.  Life goes on.  Those people can KISS MY ASS.

Wanted to give a special thanks to additkidgirlie … thanks for all your supportive comments… even though we don’t talk oodles and oodles, i know you’re the type of amazingly loyal friend who will always be there.  Likewise, I’ll be here for you if ever you need.

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  1. *smile* sis!! You don’t make people sad!! You banished Mr sniffles from my life!!!
    Sometimes you have to do what makes yourself happy. You can’t live for others at your own expense. But even so, i think u do a great job at caring about people no matter what and you are sooo considerate. Many people probably wouldn’t even give a damn.


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