Added Ian_Leung to my subscription list.

I was reading his entries and they are so thought-provoking.  (what a crappy sentence).  I really admire people who are articulate and can express their thoughts in a clear and coherent, sophisticated way.  Did I just repeat myself?  haha… my blog reminds me of this quotation… “Be silent and thought a fool, or speak out and remove all doubt.”  teehee. oh well. the fact that i recognise my inability to speak eloquently gives me a chance to improve, right?  An addition to my list of goals…

Favor Request:

I’m interested in doing an assigment on the show The Practice… if anyone watches it, please please contact me.  Or if you know where I can get copies of it… from what I’ve seen, they don’t have it @ Blockbuster or Rogers… downloadable maybe?

3 thoughts on “

  1. holy crap, I’ve got a fan?!
    but how?!
    hahah..thanks linda!  I had no idea any of this stuff made any sense to anybody except myself.
    I must also say that you write quite well…clear and articulately.  And you must also read a lot…cuz there’s so many meaningful quotes!  waaah!


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