Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

No thankgiving dinner for issey.  No turkey, no stuffing.  sniff sniff.  At least I’ll get to roast marshmallows over a campfire tomorrow night. 

What an unproductive day I had today… unproductive, but stressful.  I think there’s something fundamentally disturbing about someone accusing you of something you feel you didn’t do.  It just riles me up like mad.  What can you do about it though?  You can’t really change how people think about you.  All you can do is suffer the injustice of it all… haha… talk about being melodramatic…

Why are there so many hypocritical people in this world? 

Went to my cousin’s wedding last night.  It was surprisingly very fun.  I forgot that in Chinese tradition we’re allowed, and even encouraged, to “play tricks” on them.  I’m so happy for her!!!  I almost cried when they were reading their vows…

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