My concierge called me yesterday and told me that there was a package downstairs for me to pick up.   I specifically asked him who it was for b/c I didn’t want to be disappointed if I ran downstairs eagerly and it ended up being for my father or mother.  Turns out that it was for me.

I was very surprised that my friend read my xanga page.. I gave her the website awhile ago, but didn’t think she’d have time to check it out… i was very moved to know that she cared enough to read it.. she got me this cooking book b/c she knew i liked cookng…

Trou trou trou… i haven’t talked to you in so long… for some incredibly odd reason, it’s easier to write to you in this public entry than it is in private… thanks so much for your pressie… it’s so nice to know i’m still in your thoughts.  i’m not sure what happened with us.  we used to be so close.  i guess things just started getting out of hand in january.  i miss you lots tho.  as naive as it was, i thought we’d be friends forever…

i hope everything is going well with you.  give me a shout if you want to get together and chat. 🙂 i’ll always be up for it.

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