Ho hum ho hum…

What to do what to do.  Back to the busybusy days of school.  Talked to the associate dean of Social Work yesterday and she basically told me that I wouldn’t get into the joint LL.B & MSW program.  “Only the top of the top students get in” were her exact words.  *pop* There goes my bubble. 

In my pool of desperation, I called Trixie, the ex-admissions director @ the Faculty of SW.  She gave me a lot more options than I probably would’ve thought of myself… I could first do a BSW @ York, then reapply for law and masters… the BSW itself would take 2 years.  Or else I could go into Masters (of which only 2 schools would accept a non-BSW-degree holding student) then reapply for law after that.  All in all, it sums up to A CRAPLOAD MORE OF SCHOOL FOR ME.

The “if only’s” of my life seemed to be running a marathon.  If only I had tried harder in my early undergraduate years… if only I had not gone to UT… if only I had seen on the freaking PSY201 syllabus that the final was NON-CUMULATIVE… Regret.  It eats away at you and doesn’t let go… kinda like a … yeah…  

I’m really glad i’m (so far) staying really focused in school.  Hopefully it’s a mindset that I’ll be able to maintain…

STUDY OR DIE!!! Wish me luck all!

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  1. most of us, if not all go through something like this at one point in our lives, and you’re no different.  I have many many many “if only’s”, but i guess the only thing we have left to do about them is look forward and make sure we have as little of them as possible.  you’re young, you’re loaded with potential up the ass, and i know you’ll do whatever it is you put your mind to, so not to worry little one everytings goin to be iight.  i will run the race with you…. study or die!!!!!! 🙂


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