I’ve gone for a week without updating my blog!  hehe.  I guess the addiction is waning…

I can’t believe the summer is going to end in one week!!! Went by so quickly… Surprisingly, I’m starting to miss winter weather… the warmth of summer tends to make me lazy… winter is much more brisk.  A week of it is enough though.

I wonder if people edit what they write on xanga.  Do they think about who’s gonna be reading it, then follow up with appropriate entries, or do they just write whatever they damn well please?  That might get them into trouble though…

Question of the day – How do otter travel on land?  Or seals.  Baby ones.  Not the ones with humungus arm things that can propel them over the snow…

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  1. i love the winter! 🙂  i think that otter and seals travel on land by wrigling their small bodies and using their small arms. they are much smaller afterall so it probably takes less effort?  another amazing mystery of life!


  2. no winter! pleeez!!
    i firmly believe baby seals travel by using inner mechanisms to bump themselves along, eg. up and down up and down, etc
    i think people write consciously. you have to keep in mind who might be reading it!


  3. I once saw a book at indigo. It was a how-to book titled “how to write and maintain a web journal.” It’s supposed to help you maximize web traffic and comments all the while telling you what kind of stuff you should be putting in there. Kinda wierd, want me to get it for you? ~haha


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