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*Tuesday, Augst 12, 2003



I am so sick of defending my religion.  Whoever persecutes Christians for condemning other religions, please share some of this energy for Buddhists. All hail the “compassionate” religion that “accepts” all other religions.  All hail the Buddhist monks who show tolerance to other religions.
Load of bull  if you ask me. 

I was talking to someone, trying to explain an example in this book by C.S. Lewis, “Mere Christianity”.  I was trying to show how the complaint against God b/c of all the injustice in the world was not valid.  Then I remarked that for some reason, I felt like I was talking to a brick wall.  He didn’t have many questions/criticisms about Christianity, but damn he was unresponsive to what I had to say.
We hypothesized that maybe he was unresponsive b/c he wasn’t very interested at all.  He comes up with this example.

“Remember that time we were at Pizza Hut and I asked Sifu if she was afraid I would convert into Christianity?  She said, “No, because someone who’s attended university will have no desire to return to High School.”  Then he asked me if I understood the example.
Smack my face with a brick why don’t you.  The analogy was clear.  Christianity was high school.  Buddhism was university.  Pray tell, what is the hierarchical relation between high school and university? 

I’m so glad someone showed me the light.  Now that I’m Christian, I wonder when it will be time for me to graduate and head over to Buddhism.  In case I had freaked out unnecessarily, I said, “Why don’t you clarify.”

So he says, “Well, once you’ve gotten a higher… ” that’s when I zoned out. 

For the next ten minutes, all I could think was “ouch.”  All my vibes of the Buddhist monk’s views of the inferiority of Christianity were finally verbalized and injected into my system.  The dawning realization of how blind I was, wilfully so, tricked through me as slivers of ice.  The incessant ramblings of my internal dialogue, warning me that going to the temple was a mistake, that equality between religions was impossible,
resounded in my head.  It was right all along.  Yes, Christians do the same sometimes.  At least they have the balls to admit it. 

My goodness.  People have danced around the issue for the past while, but never daring to say it straight up.  First time I’ve ever had the inferiority of Christianity slapped in my face.  What an analogy.  A picture couldn’t have drawn a more powerful comparison.  Shit, I can’t remember the last time I was so … insulted isn’t really the word. I think I’ll go consult a Buddhist.  I’m sure they have the answer.  Cya!

God is faithful. 

What really triggered my faith in the first place was the timing at which people were placed in my life.  It seemed more than coincedental.  Last night, at one of my lowest points, I really really needed a Christian friend to turn to but it was 4:00 in the morning.  Who would I call?  Then, on MSN, a guy that I haven’t spoken to in years msgs me and asks me what’s wrong.  He said that although we never talked, he actually read my blog!!! I was so surprised b/c I never even told him about it.  I just had the info posted on my icq info.  I asked if he had a blog.  He said he did, but had not written in it for awhile.  I read it anyway. 

The second entry concerned him being part of a fellowship and his dilemma to please both his parents and God.  Never in my life would I have thought that he was Christian, and just when I needed someone, God sent him to be with me.  It was very inspiring to read about someone who had also struggled to balance his walk with God on one hand, and pleasing parents on the other.  Yeah…. lol…. that’s it….

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  1. religion bothering u lately peanut?  don’t worry.  it’s tough to take a belief that someone holds so dear to their hearts aways from them, no matter what is true or false of it.  Just stay strong in your own faith, keep trying for those u love, u and i can only try our best, pray and leave the rest up to God.  “Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.” – Hebrews 11:1 –


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