Where does all the time go?

Argh!!! Just woke up. 11:00. Stressin’ already. I’m 3 chapters behind in my psych and I still have to translate a load of articles for the temple. What to do what to do. 

What am doing writing on my xanga site if I have so much to do you ask?  My textbook is downstairs in the car. Along with the stuff I have to translate.  I guess I should go get it.  I’m so comfy in my pj’s tho!!! *sigh*  P.R.O.C.R.A.S.T.I.N.A.T.I.O.N.  What am i gonna dooooo????  I guess getting off my ass would be a start.

I wonder why it’s so easy for people to blurb out their life story online and yet it’s so difficult to share it with people supposedly close to them.  As sis is my only loyal reader right now, there is no need to go into names.  Ah well.

Pet Peeves:

People with absolutely NO regard for social etiquette.  Examples? I don’t think I should need to give any unless you’re one of those people who lack it.  And if you are then you’re probably not my friend anyway so I don’t need to go all out explaining so that you’ll understand.

Drivers who do not understand that maybe they shouldn’t be on the road after all… the perfect way for me to measure my mood for the day is the amount of patience I have while driving behind some old man driving 30 in a 60 zone in the passing lane.  GRRRR… even thinking about it gets my blood boiling.  (haha… says alot about my mood now, doesn’t it. :p)

People who talk slow.  True, some people like to “collect their thoughts” before saying something, but then you’d hope that the calibre of speech would reflect such a process.

People who totally kill the conversation with dumb comments like, “oh i c.” What the hell does one say to that?! 

People in general.

I guess that’s it for now.  I’ll see if any more pet peeves hit me over the head today. 

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