Another Pet Peeve…

People who can’t talk to you without hitting on you. No, i’m not trying to be all snotty here, b/c if the person was hitting on you b/c they liked you, that’s fine. It’s only when you know for a fact they don’t like you that it’s annoying.  They do it just to … throw shit around or something… It makes it so difficult to start any conversation with them.

Me: What are you up to?

Him: Thinking of you.

Me: How’s your summer?

Him: It would be better if I had more time to chill with you.

Ignoring the fact that these people can’t even be bothered to call you up to make plans, where do you take such conversation??? 


In class again. This prof. is so hardcore. 7:49 and no sign of a break.  The longest he went was 2 hours and 40 minutes without a break. Then he wanted to show us a video.  Luckily, there was no time so we got out of class early.  *sigh* What a fascinating story. 

7 thoughts on “

  1. hey baby.  how are you?  great you’re on this thing.  would be better if you were here in shanghai.  haha… is that enough hitting on you? 
    seriously glad to read about your adventures.


  2. you know what else is annoying?  trying to read people’s pages that have backrounds which makes it very difficult to read the writing.  not that i’m talking about ur page or anything. 😛 


  3. haha change the font colour sis!yea guys like that are annoying… glad REDMAN isn’t like that! i’m not kidding! thanks for being a friend si!
    see that’s why i don’t even bother with guys who are interested in me, cuz they prolly won’t wanna be friends otherwise anyways! losers!


  4. hello herroooo…. how r u doing?  nice blog site u have here.  when r u coming to my place with ur lesbian gf?  we can do a mariah carey doubleheader or wisegirls and glitter.  it’ll be fantastic… 
    please keep your hands off my girl ok?  i don’t appreciate u trying to steal her from me!!  u’re not welcome around here ok??? STAY AWAY!! GO!!!


  5. hmmmm….maybe ppl just can’t stop flirting with u because ur pretty =P lol…welcome to xanga issey
    come to inside sometime…we’ll party sometime this summer…ttys


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