Verbal Diarhhea

Here I am, back again. AND THE ADDICTION STARTS!!! hahaha… third time already and it’s hardly past 12!  I should write a book. … wonder if anyone would buy it….. 😀

Yay! My mom just invited my boy over after he gets off work. The converting process is taking effect, thanks to the joint efforts of his mom, sifu, him, and me. *phew* Parents can be so ma fan sometimes you’d think they were kids.  :p  Even though it’s true that you’re only going out with the guy and not their parents, it’s amazing what a big effect they can have on the relationship.  They can be like a second family or else make your life a living hell. 

I wonder who’s gonna read my blog… sis will hopefully (you’d better! haha), maybe my boy (just out of pure boredom probably)… er… wow… what an extensive readers list… BEST SELLERS HERE I COME!!!  Maybe I’ll tell my brother about it.  Another step towards the Blog Hall of Fame.  Woooo! Plus, it’ll give him more insight into my life, which he says I never share with him.  Ah well.  We’ll see.

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