Meteor Garden, Mr. Ng Yeen Cho, … who’s Daniel Wu??? Probably some guy that’s so hot I don’t even care to know his name b/c i’m so busy staring at his face. Alas, she was wrong about Joey Yung tho. (ew, doesn’t the name just put shivers down your back tho? ugh.)

Yay!!!! Hopefully it can bring Buddhism to people who are searching for more in this world and are open to the ideas offered by it.  Of course, let’s not forget that Christianity is also a very very good place to search. :p

I’m on a quest to find this really really cute Cookie Monster pencil case… anyone who knows where I can find one please tell me!!!  It’s fuzzy and blue (no shit) and his face kinda just extends to the rest of the pencil case. it’s soo cool.

Sitting in class, which is why I keep rambling on and on.  My stomach is growling b/c some stupid loser way back decided that it was a brilliant idea to schedule classes smack in the middle of dinner time.  (i guess i could’ve eaten before class, but if i was that smart, i would’ve have chosen UofT in the first place so i wouldn’t even be here.)

Learning how to play basketball! WOOO! At first I was afraid I was going to be horrid at it and that my boy would get all frustrated and yell at me. Thank God it’s not a lost cause.  Hopefully I’ll be able to make lots of progress then beat him at it. :p Fat chance.

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